Puppy Application

What You Need to Know


Let’s Work Together


Thank you for your interest in our puppies. We hope that you have carefully read through the information on our site, and have done additional research of your own. It is not enough to think the breed is beautiful, or to have met a neighbor’s Swissy, or to have heard that they are gentle giants (they might be, but not necessarily).

We understand that you might want to shop around before choosing a breeder. We appreciate buyers who do that, but then commit to the right breeder and wait for the right puppy. It is best to assume that you will wait at least a year for one of our puppies.


Just a few simple steps

First, please complete and submit a puppy application online. This provides us with a frame of reference and helps us keep track of our potential puppy homes. Please make sure you see the message that your application was received. If you don’t see that, scroll up to find out what fields you might have missed, complete those fields, and submit again. This will ensure that we actually receive your application.

After we have reviewed your application, we will contact you by phone or email. We will have questions for you, and we expect that you will have questions for us. 

If both parties are comfortable moving forward after speaking by phone or email, we will set up a “meet and greet” with our dogs.  Our first meeting will be at a dog event or just out and about, perhaps for a walk in the park. We know that you want to see where the dogs live and where we raise our puppies; please understand that our dogs and puppies live in our home, and we like to maintain a level of privacy until after our initial meeting.

Please recognize that if we have a litter on the ground, we may not respond to inquiries right away, and we will have limited availability for in-person meetups. 

Once we have met in person, we will let you know if we think our pups are a good match for you. Please expect a frank conversation. We are not in the business of selling puppies just to get them sold, so we are never in a hurry to place them. They remain in our care until we find the right home for each one. 

If we agree to move forward at this point, we will invite you to meet our dogs at home. This is an important step, since most dogs are a little different at home than they are in public, and we want you to see them in their “natural habitat.”

Once you have completed our process and your application is approved, we will notify you after the puppies have been born and are doing well. At that time, if you want to be considered for a puppy from that litter, we will ask that you let us know. 

Please note that we do not guarantee anyone a puppy until after structure and temperament evaluations are completed between seven and eight weeks. Because of developmental timelines, this is when we match each puppy with an appropriate home. If we feel we don’t have a puppy that will suit your needs, we will let you know.

Our puppies go to their homes between ten and twelve weeks, and our price is $2800.

We do not ship puppies. We must meet you face to face before you pick up your puppy.