Puppy Application

What You Need to Know

Thank you for your interest in our puppies. We hope that you have carefully read through our site, and have done additional research of your own. It is not enough to think the breed is beautiful, or to have met a neighbor’s Swissy, or to have heard that they are gentle giants (they might be, but not necessarily).

We are currently updating our application process, and will post new information here when that is complete. We do welcome inquiries, and are happy to talk with you and perhaps set up a meet and greet with one or two of our adult dogs if we think our dogs might be a good fit for your family. Please use our contact form for the fastest response.

 We appreciate buyers who commit to the right breeder and wait for the right puppy. We are a small kennel and normally breed one or two litters per year. It is best to assume that you will wait at least a year for one of our puppies. 

We match puppies to prospective families after structure and temperament evaluations are completed between seven and eight weeks. If we don’t have a puppy that will suit your needs, we will let you know. 

 Our puppies go to their homes between ten and twelve weeks, and our price is $2900.

 We do not ship puppies.