Is A Swissy Right for You?

Have you done your research?

Expect us to ask what you know about the breed, because we expect that you will have some answers! We are looking for homes in which our dogs will thrive, and we want to know how you will make that happen.

We provide a good start by breeding for health and temperament. Then, we build on that foundation with correct socialization while the puppies are in our care. If your goal is a well-adjusted family member, it will be your responsibility to continue the process!. Therefore, we will have a lot of questions for you on this topic.

It is important that prospective puppy families understand that Swissies are working dogs. Not sure what that means? An excellent article that details what you should consider can be found here:

“Is A Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Right For You?”

A few things to consider

It might sound like we are trying to talk you out of adding a Swissy to your family! While that is not our intent, we would rather you take a step back and think more about it than rush in and be unprepared.

These dogs can make wonderful companions, but a considerable amount of time and effort is required to achieve that result.

We believe the work is worth it! However, we also believe it would be a disservice to let potential puppy families be uninformed about challenges they may face with a Swissy.

Swissies mature slowly

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Swissies grow rapidly and can appear to be adults long before they reach physical or mental maturity. While there are differences of opinion on when a Swissy actually reaches adulthood, most people agree that it is somewhere around three years of age.

Swissies require correct socialization

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Correct socialization is not difficult. It simply requires a commitment of time and effort, and an understanding of your dog’s body language. Expect us to ask you specific questions about how you plan to socialize your puppy.

Swissies want to be your shadow

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You may have heard the phrase “velcro dog” and that description certainly applies to most Swissies! This is a breed that wants and needs to be with its human family. Swissies do not thrive when left alone for long periods of time.

Swissies need a job

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This is a working breed, and if you don’t have time to take classes or keep your Swissy active, then this breed is not a good fit for you. They need attention and contact with their families. Training and appropriate activities are key to promoting good behavior and creating a pleasant family companion.