Willing Worker.

Bred to be an all-purpose farm dog, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog thrives when given a job to do.


In an effort to produce healthy puppies, we breed only dogs who have passed all recommended health clearances. Links to clearances can be found on the individual dog pages.


Because we want our puppies to have stable personalities, we select carefully for temperament when planning a breeding. Our puppies are extensively socialized before leaving our home.

Work Ethic

In addition to showing in conformation, we enjoy drafting and pack hiking. Swissies are also active in competitive obedience, rally,  herding, tracking, weight pull, and agility.


A Working Breed

Your Swissy will need appropriate exercise and consistent training to keep that working brain busy, ao you should plan to take classes. Popular options are rally or nosework, but we encourage you to try some of the traditional working activities like herding, drafting, and pack hiking!


Good Socialization is Key

Your puppy will be well-socialized when it leaves our home, but it will be up to you to continue that process as your puppy matures.


Devoted companion

There’s no doubt about it–Swissies love their people! Be prepared for a giant dog who wants to be with you all the time.

Is a Swissy Right for You?

Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs were originally bred for guarding and herding livestock and pulling carts loaded with milk and cheese.

That means they are working dogs — and since they were bred for alerting to perceived danger, they need extensive socialization into adolescence to help them adapt to non-farm life.

When well-socialized,  Swissies often gain a more mellow temperament as they reach maturity, so learning to properly socialize your Swissy is a wise investment of time and energy.

Want to meet a Swissy?

We Breed Happy, Healthy

Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs.

Our primary goal is to provide you with a dog who will live a long, healthy life as your beloved companion.